The Banker Mr Groscoe

Mr Groscoe – The Banker

He really is the villain of the piece and to some extent its victim too.  Of course it’s easy and fashionable a to portray banker’s as the baddies responsible for all societies ills.  I wonder why.  Could it possibly be because  it’s  true.

As they approached a stout, slightly fat, smartly dressed man left the premises placing a bowler hat on his balding head as he closed the door behind him. He shouldered his way through the colourful crowds on the pavements well knowing his privileges, and puffing as he went with the exertion.  Kim tripped him with her heel as he barged past them and he snorted indignantly his umbrella quivering with rage.

“What exactly was this urchin doing in my house? And what he’s going to tell to the police when they finally catch up with him? Although, as far as I’m concerned, if he were to disappear completely and for good it wouldn’t be a moment too soon. I suppose that is completely out of the question.”


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