The Alibi Library, is a novel for young adults or adults with a young heart.  It is a mystery story:

Henry is a boy who can disappear, in as much as nobody really takes any notice of his absence. He befriends a bullied boy, Thomas, on a school trip to a London museum. Henry promises to help Thomas avoid the bullies but minutes later the boy has disappeared while a strange girl, Kim, appears at Henry’s side. Henry, with the resourceful Kim, sets out to find his new friend only to land himself in the Alibi Library where it transpires that several of his ideas have been published without his knowledge and have become popular among the clients, many of whom appear to lead shady double lives. Now he must not only locate his friend but also save the library, which is threatened with closure from a business world eager to make a quick profit.


4 thoughts on “Summary

  1. Julian Allen

    Hi Simon. A very interesting website – amazing!!! – echoes of Poliakoff’s Shooting the Past – another tale of a library standing in the path of the money men


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