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Face Book Faces

To celebrate the launch of public links to Alibi Library on facebook, the proprietors would like to offer the following reflection from the collection.  The book is:

(the original German is available on request),

The word “queer” is used here in its original sense of odd or strange.

Tales From A Stricken Submarine

New arrival in the library:

Cover for 'Tales from a Stricken Submarine'

By Christopher Flynn            $1.99        Rating:    Not yet rated.            Published: Sep. 11, 2012                                Words: 43302 (approximate)         Language: English             ISBN: 9781301789665


An explosion, and a submarine is sent to the bottom of the sea. Twenty-three members of the crew have secured themselves in the control room. In the knowledge that they are beyond rescue, they begin to swap stories in the darkness, telling one another their last confessions, their blackest secrets. But one of them, instead of telling his terrible secret, is hiding one…

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