Guide to fictional Libraries #13 Non-fiction: The world’s smallest libraries

Stranger than fiction? Small is beautiful? Here are some curious community ideas to help enter fictional space:



As phone boxes are no longer in use, BT gave Westbury-sub-Mendip the option of either having the box removed or  buying it for £1.

The village chose the latter and after a tea party was held, the idea to turn it into a library was decided upon.


2. In New York a bright yellow plastic water tank housing 40 books allows city-dwellers to take a break from the pace of life in the metropolis by chilling out with a good story.

article-2335595-1A22EF94000005DC-685_634x493The Little Free Library was designed by Venezuelan architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente using recycled materials to create an ‘inhabitable’ environment, which immerses its users in the experience of browsing books while also protecting the books inside from the elements.


The Corner Library, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY was created by artist, Colin McMullan, as an art project.

Anyone in the local area can access the library.  They just need to obtain a “library card” first from Colin.  The “card” consists of the code to unlock the library.  Once a person has become a member they can borrow any item from the library and share any items they want.

worlds-smallest-libraryOf course the library is always open to members and you certainly don’t have to worry about it being closed due to budget cuts.  We think it’s a great idea.


Bruce Blaisdell, of Mankato, Minn., decided to build his own Little Library free book exchange after seeing one in a neighboring town. He’s noticed that children use it most often. They walk by the retired teacher’s Marshall Street home on their way to and from Jefferson Elementary. His “Little Library” has a note on the window that says the kids are free to take a book or leave one.


5. This library in Cardigan, on Prince Edward Island, Canada, operated by John A. MacDonald, sits in a building that measures 3.5 x 3.5 metres, and holds about 1,800 books; a lifetime membership costs $5, and it runs on an honour system.

213498-b_smallest_library_Cardigan_CanadaCourtesy of: World Record Academy; BBC; Bob Dolby; Daily Mail; ; The Augusta Chronicle…

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