So you want to know more about Thomas.  Well Thomas is the most timid character in the book,  but here’s a little to get you started:


He wasn’t like Henry.  He wasn’t lethargic.  He was a mover.  He never stood still.  Henry was sure that Thomas even began his day energetically, magically.  And everything he did, from the moment he fell out of bed and threw on his clothes, thrilled a little with that electric magic too.  But somehow this magic wasn’t enough to keep the other kids from getting at him.  There are people you don’t see and people who stand out.  Thomas stood out.  He was nervousness itself.  He was always fidgeting in his chair in class.  Henry watched him.  Everyone watched him.  The same people who didn’t even seem to see Henry just couldn’t ignore Thomas.  He wasn’t invisible to the other kids.  He couldn’t be ignored. He was a distraction.  Henry was sure that Thomas didn’t mean to attract all the attention he did.  But somehow, magically, he did.  Thomas was like this magical boy, who did things magically and that got right up everybody else’s noses.  Everyone that is, except Henry.  Henry didn’t mind Thomas at all.  Henry needed distracting.  He liked Thomas’ nervous energy.  And anyway, people like Thomas needed Henry.  They needed an alibi.


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