Pupil returns school library book 65 years late and pays £1,500 fine!

Love this story from the ever wonderful Guardian newspaper:

Former pupil returns school library book 65 years late and pays £1,500 fine

A former pupil has returned a school book 65 years after first borrowing it – and has paid a £1,500 fine as recompense.

Sir Jay Tidmarsh, 82, came across the long-forgotten copy of Ashenden by W Somerset Maughan as he cleared out his shelves.


Tidmarsh decided to return the book to Taunton School in Somerset along with a £1,500 donation to the school library.

He said: “I don’t know why but I just happened to open the front cover and was shocked to see “Property of Taunton School” printed inside. I thought I should do the decent thing and return the book – paying my dues at the same time.”


Ashenden is a collection of short stories about a British spy during the first world war.



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